1. Doha Delivery

Find all your favorite Doha restaurants and delivery menus in one place.

Doha Delivery is the first of many websites to be launched in the Middle East by Maendeleo Ventures. We're a venture firm operating in the impact investing space and generating solutions using innovative solutions and technology. Our goal with Doha Delivery is to facilitate web access and online marketing for small to medium sized restaurants in the Middle East, while filling the demand for 2.0 and 3.0 applications from the youth of the region. Our CTO and developers are some of the top open-source developers and web 2.0 marketers in the EMEA region and our connections to the London, NYC and Silicon Valley Tech scene ensure that we will bring the best of the world to Doha. We see the potential here and we can't wait to grow it and develop Doha into the next tech hub.

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