1. Al-Meezan


Qatari Legal Portal (Al-Meezan) is a comprehensive website that encompasses, inter alia: First, all in force, amended and abrogated legislations since 1961 A.D; second, the judicial judgments- issued by the Court of Cassation which the Technical Office of Supreme Council of the Judiciary has classified, indexed and concluded the legal principles from them; third the legal fatwa principles issued by the Department of Fatwa and Contracts (a previous department of the Ministry of Justice); last, it involves legal scholarly references. The website is managed using renewed, scientific, professional and techniques. Moreover, It is conducted by qualified, distinguished staffs that rely on the highest level of professionalism, and equipped with the best international experiences, which enable them to cope with the rapid and unstoppable technological development. Al Meezan is managed by the best modern technical methods, making it a unique model, whether in terms of the technology used or in the presentation methodology of the legal information as well as the mechanism of searching thereon

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