1. Rafeeq


Rafeeq is an online platform developed & customized in-house in the state of Qatar to cater the local logistic needs using state of art technology. Rafeeq bridges the gap between the vendors and consumers. Items offered by the vendors can be viewed, customised, ordered and tracked with only a few clicks. Rafeeq will collect the items and deliver them directly to the consumers location with speed, care, and efficiency.

We measure our success through the quality of our consumer’s experience.
We employ the brightest and best to meet our goals.
We under-promise and over-deliver.
Excellence is our only accepted goal.
We are focussed on constant improvements and on the long-term vision of Rafeeq.
We are solution-based.
We take inspiration from near and far to come up with smart solutions to difficult problems.
We ask the right questions and pursue the answers relentlessly.

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