1. Rimads


Rimads is a technology company at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP)/ Qatar Foundation (QF). that aims at elevating wellbeing via making healthcare and pharmaceutical services safer, faster and easily accessible using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced computer science techniques.

To this end, Rimads has been building a technology-based, end-to-end medical ecosystem that allows patients to obtain immediate, accurate, and fast assessments of their cases using an AI-based app, named Avey.
If needed, Avey then connects patients with human doctors, either virtually through a secure streaming application or physically through a smart booking system, which reduces waiting times for seeing doctors.
Lastly, Avey allows doctors to prescribe medicines to patients through a pharmaceutical e-commerce platform, which are then delivered to their places anywhere in Qatar in less than 2 hours.

The pharmaceutical e-commerce platform is also exposed directly to people so as to transform their experience with pharmaceutical services. In particular, it uses an advanced technology to virtually consolidate inventories of medicines from across a network of pharmacies and offer them in one app, named the Rimads app. People can then use the Rimads app to consult instantly with pharmacists and experience the ease of having OTC medicines delivered to their doorsteps, without worrying about how or where to find them.

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